The ground-breaking research platform, designed to pop the ad-land bubble and plug brands into what the people of Britain are really feeling.

How? PopPulse listens to the listeners – the hairdressers, beauticians, bar workers, personal trainers, and decorators that hear what the nation is really talking about, each and every day.

We then corroborate these insights with a panel of “People Experts” (including neuroscientists, anthropologists, cultural consultants and journalists), plus a sprinkling of traditional focus groups for good measure.

The result is an extraordinary understanding of our nation’s truest emotions and a rare resource for any brand looking to put their finger on the pulse of popular culture.

British Life in Limbo

PopPulse’s inaugural report reveals that, no doubt about it, life certainly isn’t easy right now. However, it also shows that things aren’t all f*cked either…

Instead, what becomes clear is that the British public are currently just trying to keep their chins up, as they live through a new state of "between-ness”: Life in Limbo.

To read more about Life in Limbo and how brands can help, download the full report here

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