PopPulse: Hope Starts Here

We’ve revealed the results from the second wave of PopPulse, the ground-breaking research platform, designed to pop the ad-land bubble and plug brands into what the people of Britain are really feeling.

How? PopPulse listens to the listeners – the hairdressers, beauticians, bar workers, personal trainers, and decorators that hear what the nation is really talking about, each and every day.

We then corroborate these insights with a panel of “People Experts” (including neuroscientists, anthropologists, cultural consultants and journalists), plus a sprinkling of traditional focus groups for good measure.

The result is an extraordinary understanding of our nation’s truest emotions and a rare resource for any brand looking to put their finger on the pulse of popular culture.

Our latest report reveals that whilst life in Britain remains difficult in many ways, people are becoming increasingly hopeful.

We found that heading into 2024, the prevailing emotion shared by 40% of Britons is one of hope. So, how can brands tap into this?

We held a panel event featuring Alastair Campbell, Remel London and Dr Julie Smith to explore just that. We also revealed three ‘hope starters’ to help brands tap into this phenomenon. Check out the highlights film from the event and the full report below.