House of Disney+


After seeing a huge increase in subscribers during the pandemic, Disney+ needed to continue growing, but faced a major challenge. Many consumers perceive Disney+ to be a platform for just families and children. We needed to demonstrate that this was a service that could cater to all.


Whilst Disney+ hosts a lot of classic children and family orientated content, their recent content creation and acquisition strategy has led to a service that now features a wide range of content, from Pixar to National Geographic, Marvel to reality hits like The Kardashians.


Using the line ‘Stories you’d expect + stories you wouldn’t’ we sought to dramatise the variety of content on Disney+. Our TV ad flew through an apartment block, The House of Disney+, with the occupants of each apartment mirroring the shows they’re watching, from zombies watching The Walking Dead to intelligence agents fighting off an enemy in an apartment resembling Kingsman’s office.