Best in Show


As the smallest of Skoda’s SUVs, Kamiq struggles against its larger siblings in the UK. Without a significant price advantage, customers were lured by the assumption that bigger was better.


Drivers are drawn to SUVs because the ride height, poise and space give them a reassuring feeling of confidence. But the sheer size of an SUV can also be unnerving. Not everyone wants a car they can’t park or easily drive down the narrow, congested roads of the UK.


Kamiq offers big car confidence with small car agility. You could say it’s our best in show. In fact we did. We entered Kamig into a dog show agility course, demonstrating its unique attributes in a playful way, setting it apart from the competition, imbuing it with much needed personality, and opening drivers’ eyes to SKODA’s playful pup. We then partnered with Dogs for Good, donating two Kamiqs from our shoot to the charity. And to top it all off we became lead sponsor of Crufts, which we highlighted with a playful social activation showing our Kamiqs mixing it up with the real best dogs in show.