Next Stop, McDonald’s


After the launch of of our first ‘Raise Your Arches’ campaign, we were tasked with creating an impactful follow up that would resonate with families during the summer holidays.


Families spend more time in the car on the way to their holidays than on the actual beach – 103 hours in total every Summer! And on each of those journeys, the unspoken invitation to McDonald’s is more welcome than ever.


We decided to own summer days out by extending the ‘Raise Your Arches’ invite to family road trips. We got Hollywood director Michael Gracey on board to direct our hero film. The spot features a series of motorists raising their eyebrows whilst stopped at a red light, after the driver at the front of the traffic jam spots a McDonald’s up ahead. We then ran an OOH campaign inspired by Maccies Drive Thru featuring license plates customised to spell out iconic products. And to top it off we created an AI powered activation, Audio Journeys, allowing families to turn their road trips into feel good moments. Our activation created audio books for our customers featuring their real names and the places they were passing through on their journeys.