Change a little, Change a lot


In October 2021 McDonald’s launched its Plan for Change, a comprehensive business & sustainability strategy setting out ambitious goals across 4 areas; Planet, People, Restaurants & Food. This included a pledge to become Net Zero by 2040. How could we bring this plan to life for both McDonald’s customers and employees to bring them on board?


McDonald’s is a large organisation that plays a large role in lots of people’s lives. They have extensive supply chain networks in the UK, tens of thousands of employees, and restaurants in every corner of the nation. Therefore just the smallest change implemented across the business can make a huge difference.


Our idea was to bring to life the small changes that McDonald’s had outlined in their Plan for Change, and illustrate the bigger impacts that these changes will have, summed up by the campaign line ‘Change a little, Change a lot’. We focused on three specific areas that McDonald’s is making an impact in; farming, waste, and youth engagement.