Summer 2023 marked the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets, one of McDonald’s oldest and most iconic products. However, despite being a popular choice and favourite of many, there was one audience that simply didn’t have the same love as others – Gen Z. Our challenge was to find an organic way of getting this new generation of fans excited about one of McDonald’s oldest menu items.


McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets were introduced to the menu 40 years ago, as a meal intended to be shared. Fast forward to today however, and the truth is most people wouldn’t share their Chicken McNuggets with just anyone. In fact, we realised there was a direct connection between how much two people valued their friendship, and the amount of Chicken McNuggets they would share with each other.


To help fans determine how many Chicken McNuggets their mates were worth, we developed a rating system that measured the quality of a friendship based on how many McNuggets you’d share. Drives you to the airport – 2 McNuggets, gets a matching tattoo – 4 McNuggets, poses for selfies – 1 McNugget. To launch the scale we created an integrated marketing campaign that sparked a national debate. Our hero film shows two besties bumping into each other in the street, launching into an elaborate handshake, before one tries to nab the other’s McNuggets. The ad asks ‘They might be your bestie, but are they McNuggetworthy?’ The TVC was accompanied by OOH and a social campaign featuring a Snapchat filter, TikTok polls, and a partnership with LadBible.